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Generating Solutions.

About Us

Since April 2000, Coleman | Hines, a woman-owned business, has specialized in energy management and energy information services for national, multi-site clients that face rapidly changing expectations in a dynamic energy market. The company is solely owned by Gina Coleman, CEO.

Our direct experience in energy management coupled with direct knowledge in national multi-site restaurant and retail environments differentiates us from our competitors. Our staff is comprised of former energy managers, supplier and utility company employees. Our intimate understanding of the national retail environment allows us to stand out as experts among our competition.

Our portfolio is comprised entirely of national multi-site companies. We currently manage clients that range from as few as 10 sites to as large as 6,000 sites. In total, we help manage over 30,000 sites, representing over 16 billion kilowatt hours and 200 million therms. We’ve earned a reputation as “trusted advisors” through the effective management of energy and consulting services for multi-site corporations across North America. This can be felt throughout the processes and procedures we have implemented. Our customer support is first and foremost.

    • Schneider Electric’s acquisition of Coleman Hines began in April of last year. This process has been intentionally deliberate and both teams focused on one goal: maintaining a standard of exceptional service during the transition while leveraging our combined strengths to benefit our clients. Our clients have begun to see a new color palette and logo, but should continue to feel the same spirit of leadership in energy management as we embrace the Schneider Electric name.